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Car Touch Screen: The Optimal Touchscreen for Electric Vehicles

Car touch screen industry has changed! UICO makes the most rugged touch solutions that are optimized and customized for outdoor usage. UICO solves the tough touch problems to meet the demands of autonomous and electric vehicles. Our touchscreen for electric vehicles provide an outside access point for last mile delivery vehicles, electric scooters, and autonomous vehicles.

touchscreen for electric vehicles

UICO touchscreen characteristics that make it the perfect solution for EV applications:

  • Touch usage with thick gloves up to 5mm thick

  • Sunlight readability

  • Works through heavy rain and snow

  • Temperature extremes, touch that supports -40° to 85° C

  • Splash Immunity for off-road applications

  • Rugged Long-life durability

We have experience working with top leaders in the autonomous and electric vehicle industry. Our touch screens are proven to perform in different climates, abusive road conditions, and in pouring rain, bright sunlight, with different types of gloves.

A few application examples

  • Last Mile Delivery

  • Scooters/ Motorcycles

  • Robotics

No matter the situation or level of performance required, UICO will support your needs from design to production.

touchscreen for EV

To request a virtual demo, please reach out to our sales team at

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