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Industrial Touchscreen FAQ

Industrial Touchscreen FAQ

To better understand UICO duraTOUCH, we have provided some Touchscreen FAQ (frequently asked questions) and answers regarding our touch displays, performance and integrations.

industrial touch screen

 Do you make your own touch controller?

No, we use off-the-shelf microcontrollers, but we design and tune the firmware to get the desired touch performance.

 Do you make your own touchscreen?

Yes, we design the touchscreen and flexible circuit board.

Do you make your own LCD?

No, but if you have a preferred LCD, we can either consign or help procure the LCD and we can bond the LCD to the touchscreen and cover the full display/touch module.

What type of bonding options are you capable of?

Bond using an OCA or LOCA which provides very good clarity, improves contrast, and reduces performance between the touch screen and LCD, and helps minimize inconsistencies in touch effects between that occur when the LCD is perimeter bonded to the touchscreen. We also offer a perimeter bond for indoor or cost sensitive applications.

The touch-display module will be used outdoors; will the user be able to see the screen?

We offer either an anti-glare or anti-reflective coating on our cover glass which will improve screen readability in sunny conditions. We can make recommendations that suit your use case.

What are the standard sizes of your touchscreens?

The standard UICO touchscreens sizes are 4.3", 5", 5.7", 8", 10.1", 12.1" 15.6", 18.5", 19" 20.5", 21.5",  23.8", 27", 32", 43", 55", 65, 72 and 86". We can also design custom touchscreens with a size and aspect ratio specific to your application.

industrial grade touch monitor

Touch Screen Display Performance

UICO provides touch screen display performance even with water, gloves or extreme temperatures.

How are you able to achieve touch screen display performance in wet conditions and when the user wears gloves?

The robust touch performance is achieved by a combination of the electrical and specialized sensor design, the analog front-end tuning, Additionally, we will work with you to custom algorithms, and customized touch layout of the microcontroller, matched our enhancement. You integrate the touch module into your system, you combine our touch algorithm with your system design to optimize the touch performance for your use case and environment.

Does your touchscreen work underwater?

No, PCAP touch will not work underwater but we can ensure that if the touchscreen is submerged, false touches do not trigger.

Does your touchscreen work with wet gloves?

Yes, although you’ll experience similar challenges seen with wet fingers.

What is the operational temperature range of your touchscreens?

The UICO touch interfaces are rated for -40 - +85°C. The complete display-touch module is often limited by the display's operating temperature range which is often narrower.

touch screen for factory

Touch Screen Integration

UICO will guide you with your touch integration.

What communication interface(s) do your touch controllers support?


Do your touchscreens support in-field updates?

Yes, if the touchscreen requires a firmware update or a tuning update, the firmware can be updated. The UICO USB interface will operate a UICO utility software.

Can your touchscreen work with a metal bezel?

Yes, although if you have aggressive requirements, we will work with you to formulate solutions. the touch module and the water system to minimize false activations from associated with the metal bezel.

Can your touchscreen work in both portrait and landscape?

With the change of the screen can be orientated. The COF, however we can provide different form/factor one touch engine for either selections as the single major require different devices or drivers to accommodate rotation.

Can we apply our own screen protection on your cover glass?

Yes, but keep in mind the following: adding additional layers to the touch module will make glove performance as well as wet & underwater. Your idea is applied to them with water and can adjust the touch profile. Please let us know if cover glass design your screen protector and perform different fabrication. Additionally, we will first.

The system contains a Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi antenna, will this hamper the touchscreen performance?

Typically, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi operate at much higher frequencies compared to the touchscreen. Other types of signals can cause issues such as NFC; please be sure inform us of any wireless signals in your system and we can assess risks to the touchscreen function.

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