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medical touchscreen

Medical Touch Displays

UICO makes the most rugged medical touch displays that are standardized, optimized, and customized.  UICO solves the tough touch problems for the demands of the medical marketplace.  All of our medical touch screens utilize P-Cap touch technology and feature flat, no bezel. frameless front panels for ease in cleaning and sanitation. Uico projected capacitive medical touch screens have a single pice of seamless glass across the entire front of the display which will perform even with liquids, blood, saline or gels. 

The problems we solve:


  • Works through gels, saline, and blood

  • Touch usage with thick gloves up to 5mm thick

  • Anti-fingerprint and Anti-glare coatings for accurate visibility

  • Rugged Long-life durability

  • Design and Engineering Support in the US

Solutions we offer:


  • Standard sizes ranging from 4.3”- 21.5” - Download Specs  

  • Custom Solutions and larger sizes available - Contact Sales   

  • Request a Virtual Demo  


Application Examples:


  • Patient Monitoring Systems

  • Surgical Instrumentation Controls

  • Ultrasound Machines

  • Medical Carts

healthcare cart touch screen
Medical touch displays

Custom Solutions and Larger Sizes Available - Contact Sales Here

Schedule a Free Demo Here

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