The Problem

Resistive screens, and buttons and knobs still dominate medical equipment and devices.  PCAP touch screens provide a more natural controlling experience, but must work in the harsh medical environments of use. 







Our customer struggled to integrate PCAP into their surgical contoller.  Saline, blood and other fluids were problematic causing false touches.


And surgeons were constantly breaking the controller's resistive screen by tapping it with their tools.  


Caustic Cleansers




Surface Contaminants

Thick Glass



The User

Surgeons use their tools (sharp tools!) to tap the screen. It's efficient for them, but disasterous for resistive and conventional PCap screens.  

The Solution


duraTOUCH® driving touch with 3mm thick glass.


Surgeons can't break it with their tools and duraTOUCH® is impervious to saline and other fluids, even while wearing medical gloves.


A better surgical controller that works the way surgeons do!



Great PCAP performance with up to 4mm thick glass!