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Management Team for UICO Touchscreens

Doug Monieson of Hyde Park Angels, UICO board member

Douglas Monieson

CEO & Executive Chairman

As CEO of UICO and Chairman of UICO's Board of Directors, Doug drives the company's core strategy, culture, and growth.Douglas Monieson is one of the original investors in UICO and has served on the Board of Directors since 2013. As Executive Chairman of UICO, Doug guides the strategy for partnership development and critical customer acquisition. Doug is Chairman Emeritus of Hyde Park Angels, the largest and most active angel investment group in the Midwest. He works closely with a number of Chicago startups both as an investor, advisor and board member. Doug serves on the Board of Trustees of Illinois Institute of Technology and is an Entrepreneur in Residence at University of Chicago.


Basman Dahleh 

Chief Technology Officer

UICO is proud to announce that Basman Dahleh has joined us as head of technology and engineering. Basman has spent nearly 30 years developing technologies and products integrated with hardware and software. Through the course of his career, Basman has delivered products for wireless communications, smart city applications, and industrial workers.

tersa pic.png

Tersa Harper

VP of Sales & Marketing

As VP of Sales & Marketing, Tersa is responsible for the deployment of sales and marketing for UICO, including the managing of customer facing organizations and partners. Utilizing a strong focus on Sales Operations, Tersa will implement the best processes and tools to continue UICO’s sales growth and a world class customer experience. Tersa joined UICO in 2020 following 15+ years in the rugged display/HMI marketspace including military, industrial, and retail. This experience has provided Tersa with a substantial background and understanding of touchscreen applications driving her passion to provide the latest technology to UICO’s customers. Tersa has a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

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Edward Szostak

Sr. Quality Manager

Edward M. Szostak is the Senior Manager of Quality and Operations at UICO. Ed has more than 30 years of experience in quality for new product development, manufacturing, and engineering and has led multiple organizations to ISO Certification. An ASQ-certified professional, Ed's extensive experience working with local and international customers and suppliers across semiconductor, biomedical, petroleum and other verticals gives him great insight into best practices in quality. Ed is known as a hands-on leader who's never afraid to roll up his sleeves to help make sure what needs to get done, gets done. Ed received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering from DeVry University.


Todd Williams

Director of Program Management

Todd Williams is member of our engineering team as the Director of Program Management. Todd has over 20 years of engineering, product development and program management experience in OEM and retail industries creating a skillful balance of pragmatism and vision. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his 5 sons, homebrewing, and working on project cars. 

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