The Problem

Today, the outcome of defense and combat is rooted in information.  The ability to transmit information real-time, and the ability to receive it real time is paramount.


What if smartphones and tablets were military grade?  Tough enough not to fail in harsh environments, and durable enough to work in the heat of battle.


Our customer wanted a "toss it over the humvee"- proof handheld communications device.   Their existing unit was failing in the rugged environement of use.

The User

Men and women facing the uncertainty and potential of combat. Specialists who use sophisticated weaponry, devices and communication systems.  

The Solution

The duraTOUCH® solution was built with thick glass that could withstand literally bouncing off the ground.  


Optical bonding provided great sunlight readability for glare and brightness that occurs in some of the more extreme climates in which these devices are used.   


duraTOUCH® touch technology provides unmatched water and glove performance making it possible for soldiers to keep their gloves on, and use it at sea or in the rain!