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military touch screen

Projected Capacitive Touchscreens for Military

UICO makes the most rugged projective capacitive touchscreens for military solutions that are standardized, optimized and customized.  UICO solves the tough touch problems for the demands for all of the branches of the military –Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines.  


Touchscreen problems we solve:


  • Touch usage with thick gloves up to 5mm thick

  • Sunlight readability

  • Works through heavy rain and snow and saltwater

  • Temperature extremes, touch that supports -40° to 85° C

  • Dirt, Mud Immunity for off-road applications

  • Pass military EMI emissions and vibration requirements

  • Rugged Long-life durability

  • Design and Engineering Support in the USA​

Military vehicle touchscreen

Touch Screen Solutions we offer: 



Military Touchscreen Applications:


  • Command Control Centers

  • Human Machine Interface HMI (HMI) and Operator and Interface Panel (OIP) Consoles

  • Navigation and Security Systems

  • Portable Tactical Computers

touchscreens for military use

Custom Solutions and Larger Sizes Available - Contact Sales Here

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