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Curved Touch Screen

Curved Touchscreen

Uico's Curved Touch Screens in Many Sizes:
J & C Curve Options Available

Curved touchscreens are display screens that are not flat like traditional screens but instead have a gentle curve either concave or convex. These screens can be found in various applications such as gaming, digital signage and even used as infotainment systems onboard marine vessels such as commercial boats and yachts.

Potential Benefits of a Curved Touch Screen

  • Improved Immersion: Curved screens can provide a more immersive viewing experience. The curvature can make the content appear more wrapped around the viewer, enhancing the feeling of being surrounded by the display.


  • Reduced Glare and Reflections: The curvature of the screen can help to minimize glare and reflections, particularly in environments with ambient light. This can result in better visibility and a more enjoyable viewing experience, especially in brightly lit environments.


  • Enhanced Comfort: Some users find that curved screens offer enhanced comfort, particularly for long viewing sessions. The curvature can better match the natural curvature of the human eye, potentially reducing eye strain and fatigue.


  • Aesthetic Appeal: Curved screens can also have aesthetic appeal, giving devices a sleek and modern look. The curved design can make devices stand out from traditional flat-screen counterparts.

Improved Touch Interaction: In touchscreen devices, a curved screen can potentially offer a more ergonomic and intuitive touch interaction experience. The curvature can better align with the natural movement of the user's fingers, making gestures and swipes feel more natural.

Curved Touch Screen

Popular Curved Touch Screen Applications:

Gaming Curved screen
  • Infotainment:

infotainment systems onboard marine vessels such as commercial boats and yachts

  • Gaming and Entertainment:

Curved touchscreens can be employed in various gaming and entertainment products, offering users interactive functionality.

  • Eye Catching Digital Signage:

Curved touch displays are really eye catching. A new advertising angle that is just being explored as the cutting edge in touch technology for product promotion or customer signage.

touchscreen in rain
sunlight readable touchscreen
touchscreen performance in snow

Curved Touchscreen for Extreme Temperatures & Sunlight


Reliability in diverse operating conditions is a hallmark of UICO's touch screen solutions. With an expanded operational temperature range, UICO touch screens thrive even in the most challenging environments. The technology behind these touch screens ensures they remain fully operational in scorching heat and freezing cold, making them well-suited for deployment across industries with demanding temperature variations. This resilience, whether in extreme heat or freezing cold, speaks volumes about the robustness of UICO's solutions. High brightness allows crystal clear imaging even in bright direct sunlight. 

Capacitive Touch Screen Solutions:

In the dynamic landscape of touch screen technology, UICO has risen to prominence as an industry leader, spearheading innovation with its range of standard PCAP (Projected Capacitive) touch screen solutions. These solutions have not only transformed how we interact with devices but have also set new benchmarks for integration flexibility, advanced features, and comprehensive support. UICO’s capabilities stretch from a diverse range of sizes, complete integration capabilities, extreme temperature resilience, superior water immunity and glove touch performance, as well as the invaluable integration and manufacturing support that accompanies these solutions.

UICO will Help Navigate Integration for your Curved Touchscreen


The journey from concept to a fully realized touch screen solution can be intricate and demanding. UICO stands as a guiding light in this journey, offering comprehensive integration and manufacturing support. The expertise that UICO brings to the table aids in designing optimal touch interfaces, selecting the right screen sizes, and streamlining the integration process. This support not only expedites time-to-market but also guarantees that the final product aligns seamlessly with the envisioned user experience. UICO's commitment to enabling its partners and clients underscores its dedication to the holistic success of touch screen integration projects.


UICO's curved touch screens are at the forefront of transformative change, enriching the way we engage with technology and the world around us.

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