The Problem

Points of use for industrial controls are often precarious. In some environments, gloves must be worn.  Instruments used outdoors are exposed to elements from rain, dust and dirt, to grime and slick substances.    Rugged durability is an imperative.


A major, global company desired a more simple tablet-like interface for their handheld instrument.   


It had to work with gloves, water, and through a thick cover lens of a specific material.  Impact requirements were paramount as any leakage into the unit could cause a life-threatening explosion. 

The User

Industrial, process engineers, system engineers, and technicians.   They work where safety is priority one, and efficiency matters.

The Solution
  • duraTOUCH® provides immunity in saltwater and rainy environments


  • Thick, durable substrates, UL ball drop-tested, meet impact requirements


  • Users can safely perform testing with a great PCAP interface while wearing gloves, and in any weather !

The Problem

An industrial control pad with a PCAP interface was what our customer desired for systems deployed on oil rigs.   Saltwater, slick substances, gloves and grime were obstacles.

  • duraTOUCH® works with saltwater from splashes to waves


  • duraTOUCH® works with thick work gloves



The Solution