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touch screen applications and markets

Touch Screen Solutions for Harsh Environments

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We design and build rugged touch screen solutions that outperform competitors in regards to visibility, durability and usability.  Our touchscreens perform in the presence of rain, snow, mud, grease, and through heavy work gloves. UICO is a one-stop shop with extensive experience and patented technology built from the ground up to meet the requirements of the harshest markets.


With comprehensive design, testing, manufacturing, and support, duraTOUCH® solutions are seamless and reliable. 


Some of the markets we serve:




Marine Touch Screen Solutions

Touch Screen Display Performance

UICO provides touch screen display performance even with water, gloves or extreme temperatures.

How are you able to achieve touch screen display performance in wet conditions and when the user wears gloves?

The robust touch performance is achieved by a combination of the electrical and specialized sensor design, the analog front-end tuning, Additionally, we will work with you to custom algorithms, and customized touch layout of the microcontroller, matched our enhancement. You integrate the touch module into your system, you combine our touch algorithm with your system design to optimize the touch performance for your use case and environment.

Does your touchscreen work with wet gloves?

Yes, although you’ll experience similar challenges seen with wet fingers.

What is the operational temperature range of your touchscreens?

The UICO touch interfaces are rated for -40 - +85°C. The complete display-touch module is often limited by the display's operating temperature range which is often narrower.

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