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Rugged Touchscreens for Food & Beverage Plants


Tailored Industrial-grade touchscreens for food and beverage processing, bottling, and production environments are essential due to the complex nature of operations within these facilities. From processing and distilling to bottling, canning, and packaging, each stage presents unique challenges that demand robust solutions. While many rely on industrial touch screens for process monitoring and control, standard consumer-grade displays are ill-equipped to handle the harsh conditions of these environments.

touchscreen for food and beverage

Touchscreens for Challenging Environments

Standard touchscreen displays, for example, lack the durability to withstand significant shock and vibration commonly encountered in food and beverage plants. Additionally, the constant exposure to liquid splashes, wash-downs, and extremes in temperature and humidity further highlight the need for specialized touchscreens. UICO's PCAP touch technology rises to the occasion, offering solutions capable of withstanding these challenging environments while providing a wider range of operating temperatures suitable for industrial use.

food and beverage touch screen

Waterproof Touchscreens for Wash-Down Environments

  • Standard Sizes Ranging from 4.3" to 21.5": Our standard solution sizes are versatile and suitable for various applications within your charging station. 

  • Custom Solutions and Larger Sizes Available: For those with unique requirements, we provide the flexibility to create custom solutions and larger touchscreen sizes up to 86". 

  • Request a Virtual Demo: Curious about how our touchscreen solutions can improve your Bottling or Food Processing plant ? Request a Virtual Demo to see them in action.

Rugged waterproof touchscreens excel in wet environments, resisting splashes and ensuring reliability over the long term. With NEMA and IP ratings, these touchscreens offer superior protection against water damage, making them ideal for use in wash-down settings. Panel mount touch screens allow for flush mounting into cabinets or walls, conserving space and safeguarding units from water-related hazards. UICO's rugged touch screens empower operators to effectively control processes, adjust parameters, and manage line changes with ease.

Production Data Touchscreens

UICO touchscreens are seamlessly integrated with automated machine vision systems and frequently deployed in robotic work cells. Available in a range of sizes from 1” to 86”, they serve as crucial conduits for delivering production data and safety information to workers, enhancing operational efficiency and safety. Designed and built for continuous use in harsh industrial and commercial environments, UICO's touchscreens feature high-quality, industrial-grade components that ensure long-term reliability. Available in various configurations including rack mount, panel mount, open frame, optically-bonded, portable, and more, these touchscreens can be customized to meet specific requirements, providing tailored solutions for every application.

Touchscreen Solutions for Cleaning and Sanitizing in Food Processing and Beverage Plants


Cleaning and Sanitizing Practices in Food Processing and Beverage Plants:

Cleaning and sanitizing represent pivotal aspects of operations within food processing and beverage plants. The implementation of a robust sanitation program, coupled with an efficient ruggedized touchscreen display solution designed to endure the rigors of this challenging environment, stands as a critical factor in ensuring product quality and minimizing factory downtime. 


Touch Screen Performance with Water:

Conventional touchscreens often falter in wet environments, especially when gloves are worn. UICO's PCAP technology triumphs in such conditions, ensuring precise and accurate touch recognition through wet surfaces and various glove materials. This level of precision redefines user interactions in settings where water exposure is inevitable.

Our PCAP touch technology is a game-changer in hygiene-sensitive environments involving water. From
medical applications to aquaculture, users can maintain sterile conditions by operating touchscreens
with gloves, without compromising on safety or efficiency.

UICO's commitment to durability remains unwavering in water-rich settings. The PCAP touch screens are
engineered to withstand water exposure, chemicals, and potential impacts, ensuring consistent and
reliable performance in aquatic environments.

Furthermore, our PCAP industrial touch screen technology redefines glove usage touch screens in water-
intensive environments, setting a new standard for precision, sensitivity, and adaptability. Whether it's
marine industries, water sports, or aquatic research, UICO empowers users to interact effortlessly with
touchscreens in the presence of water, both on the surface and underwater. This innovation fosters
safety, efficiency, and user satisfaction, establishing UICO's PCAP touch technology as a pivotal solution
for touchscreens in water-rich settings.

  • Request a Virtual Demo: Curious about how our touchscreen solutions can improve your production? 

Request a virtual demo to see them in action. 

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