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Touch Screens for Transportation Industry

In the transportation and mass transit industry, modern touch technology plays a pivotal role as an essential and valuable tool. UICO touch screens have found wide-ranging applications across various transportation sectors, including buses, trains, transit platforms, airports, and shipyards nationwide. These touch screens serve diverse purposes such as security, surveillance, passenger information dissemination, digital signage, and schedule management. They facilitate functions like maps, location services, and wayfinding, enhancing efficiency and convenience for users.


Touch Screens for Mass Transit:

Our large waterproof touchscreens, available in sizes ranging from 43″ to 86″, offer significant advantages on outdoor train platforms and bus shelters. These screens provide real-time information and schedules to passengers, with a wide operating temperature range that ensures functionality in both hot and humid climates as well as cold and frigid environments. Our rugged Optically Bonded touch screens are deployed in ticket kiosks, airport terminals, and baggage areas, while our Optically Bonded and Sunlight Readable touchscreens are mounted inside buses and trains for driver information and passenger safety. Additionally, UICO touch screens are seamlessly integrated into kiosks, walls, and panels for ticket vending purposes.

Touch Screens in the Trucking Industry and Load-out Systems:

UICO's touch technology is extensively utilized in the trucking industry as well. Our Sunlight Readable touch screens find application at truck weigh stations and in feed, grain, and sand load-out systems. Large outdoor displays serve as informational hubs for truckers at mines, rock quarries, and sand pits, providing crucial information for their operations and logistics needs.  

touchscreen for transportation

Touchscreens for Bus Stations, Train Stations, Airports, and Ticketing

UICO offers advanced designs specifically for touchscreens for transportation, elevating user experience and ensuring efficiency and reliability. As the demand for travel continues to soar, it's crucial to stay ahead of the curve. UICO's innovative touchscreen solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of transportation, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and durability.

  • Touch Usage with Thick Gloves (Up to 5mm Thick): UICO's technology allows users to operate touchscreens even while wearing thick gloves, making it convenient for users in extreme cold weather conditions.


  • Sunlight Readability: Our touchscreens are designed to provide excellent visibility under direct sunlight, ensuring that users can easily interact with the screen, regardless of the lighting conditions.


  • Resistance to Harsh Weather Conditions: UICO's PCAP touchscreens are engineered to function flawlessly through heavy rain, snow, dirt, and grease. They are built to withstand the elements, ensuring uninterrupted service in any weather.


  • Extreme Temperature Support: Our touchscreens can operate reliably in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C, making them suitable for both cold and hot climates.


  • Rugged Long-Life Durability: UICO's touchscreen solutions are designed for long-term use, providing the ruggedness required for heavy-duty applications like EV charging stations.


  • Design and Engineering Support in the US: UICO offers expert design and engineering support in the United States, ensuring that your EV charging station touchscreen solution is tailored to your specific needs.

transportation touch screen

 Touch Display Solutions for Interactive Ticketing, Schedules & Maps

​Touch screen display solutions tailored for diverse specialized applications play a vital role in the transportation sector. UICO provides customized projected capacitive multi-touch solutions suitable for a multitude of challenging environments. These ruggedized designs, when combined with appropriate display enhancement features, demonstrate remarkable durability against the rigors of daily usage in heavy equipment and mass-transit systems. As industry standards and regulatory compliance demand heightened performance levels, selecting the right partner from the outset becomes imperative for ensuring success. UICO is fully engaged in the integration with you along the way.

Touch Display Solutions for Bus Stations, Train Stations:

  • Standard Sizes Ranging from 4.3" to 21.5": Our standard solution sizes are versatile and suitable for various applications within your charging station. 

  • Custom Solutions and Larger Sizes Available: For those with unique requirements, we provide the flexibility to create custom solutions and larger touchscreen sizes up to 86"

  • Request a Virtual Demo: Curious about how our touchscreen solutions can improve your EV charging station? 

Request a virtual demo to see them in action. 

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