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Touch Screen Digital Signage for Amusement Parks


Outdoor Touchscreens Designed for Theme Parks, Waterparks, Amusement Parks, and Zoos:  UICO offers an extensive selection of sunlight-readable, weather resistant touch screens for outdoor displays, prominently featured across various theme parks. Our touch screen digital signage are a staple in waterparks and amusement venues, providing essential information to visitors regarding directions, location maps, prices, and showtimes in an easily visible format. To ensure optimal performance, outdoor kiosks require high brightness and sharp image quality, necessitating the use of weatherproof touch technology.

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Sunlight-Readable and Waterproof Touchscreens for Outdoor Environments

Our high brightness touchscreen delivers crisp images even in direct sunlight, while waterproof touch screens are perfect for various outdoor applications such as ticket kiosks and digital signage. These touch displays excel in areas exposed to sunlight, ensuring that displayed information remains clear and legible under bright conditions. Engineered with industrial-grade components, our touch screens are built to withstand harsh environments and continuous commercial use.

Furthermore, UICO offers Sunlight Readable touch screens tailored for amusement parks in a range of sizes and resolutions. From compact 8.4" and 10.4" optically bonded displays suitable for roller coasters to large 43", 55", 65”, 75” and 86” waterproof interactive touch displays extensively used for visitor information signs, digital signage, and special attractions. Additionally, we provide a diverse selection of indoor touchscreens designed to endure long hours of operation and heavy usage in public settings.

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Robust PCAP Touchscreens Engineered for Outdoor Reliability

Outdoor environments pose unique challenges, often characterized by high ambient light levels that can impair screen visibility. The UICO outdoor touch screen addresses these concerns with features including high-brightness displays (1K NIT plus), anti-glare and anti-reflective coatings, UV Ink, and optional IR Films (InfraRed), ensuring excellent visibility even in direct sunlight.

UICO’s outdoor touch screens are engineered with the following characteristics:

Durability: Outdoor touch screens must withstand rigorous conditions, including physical impact and potential vandalism. Constructed with robust materials such as tempered or chemically strengthened glass up to 10MM thick, these screens are built to endure.

Temperature Regulation: While UICO’s touchscreens are rated for extreme temperatures (-40 to 85 degrees), additional measures may be necessary to regulate internal temperatures and prevent overheating or freezing. This may involve the incorporation of cooling fans, heaters, or other climate control mechanisms.

Optical Bonding: For outdoor applications, full optical bonding is recommended to minimize light transmission losses and enhance readability, especially in bright sunlight. UICO employs Optically Clear Adhesives (OCAs) to mitigate these losses, ensuring optimal performance.

Outdoor touchscreens are designed for seamless integration into diverse environments and applications, offering customization options in terms of size, shape, and functionality. Easy maintenance and serviceability are prioritized, with accessible components and minimal downtime considerations. These touchscreens find utility across various sectors, including transportation, retail, tourism, and more, facilitating interactive kiosks, digital signage, wayfinding, and information dissemination.

Cover Lens for Outdoor Touch Screen:

Our selection of cover lenses is tailored to ensure optimal readability and performance in demanding outdoor conditions. Glass thickness is customized for each application, balancing durability and weight considerations. UICO offers fully tempered "safety" glass up to 4mm thick for scenarios where safety is paramount, or thinner Gorilla Glass® for enhanced portability. Coatings such as matte Anti-Glare, Anti-Reflective, or Anti-Fingerprint further enhance readability in bright sunlight while repelling water for superior performance even during inclement weather.

​ Touch Sensor for Outdoor Use:

UICO specializes in custom-designed sensors and touch surfaces tailored to meet the rigorous demands of outdoor applications such as wayfinding and outdoor digital signage. What sets UICO apart is our ability to uniquely program and calibrate the touchscreen to function flawlessly in your specific environment. Our engineering expertise enables us to create touchscreens that remain responsive even when used with heavy work gloves or in adverse weather conditions, such as pouring rain. UICO's engineering team can fine-tune the touch sensitivity to reject false touches from raindrops while maintaining reliable performance under dry conditions.

Sunlight Readable Touch Displays:

UICO offers a diverse range of LCDs from various brands and in various sizes, all boasting high brightness levels exceeding 1000 nits, wide viewing angles, directional polarization, and superior resolution. Optional features such as Sleep Mode and Ambient Light Sensors can be integrated to optimize power usage, particularly in remote outdoor locations. Whether collaborating with your display provider or suggesting suitable options, UICO ensures that your display choice aligns perfectly with your unique requirements and budget.

Guidance Through Integration:

Our team of US-based engineers will meticulously assess your application requirements and provide expert guidance on seamlessly integrating the touch screen into your system for optimal performance. From determining the most suitable mounting option, be it flush mount or low-profile bezel, to addressing system grounding and mitigating electrical interference, UICO offers comprehensive support at every stage of the integration process. We'll also provide insights on GUI element location and size to ensure an exceptional touch experience tailored to your specific application needs. Whatever your outdoor challenges may be, UICO stands ready to assist you in overcoming them and excelling in any weather condition.

Available Outdoor Touch Screen Sizes for Amusement Parks, Zoos, Theme Parks:

Our outdoor touchscreens are available in a wide range of sizes, including 1”, 3.5", 4.3", 7", 8", 10.1", 12.1", 15.6", 19", 21.5", 23.8", 27", 32", 43", 55", 65", 72", and 86". Learn more about outdoor touch screens by UICO, or visit our large touchscreens page.

In conclusion, our dedicated team is poised to help you select the ideal indoor or outdoor touchscreen solution that perfectly aligns with your specific requirements. Elevate the visual experience of your parks and recreational areas with crystal-clear imagery. Contact us today at (630) 592-4400 to speak with one of our touchscreen experts.

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