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measurement equipment touch screen

Test and Measurement Equipment Touchscreens

UICO offers Industrial Grade Projected Capacitive Test and Measurement Equipment Touchscreens designed specifically for use with gloves, providing water resistance and durability even in adverse conditions. They are rugged in quality, yet possess a high sensitivity to touch.


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Using a Touch Screen with Gloves

UICO rugged PCAP touchscreens, designed with careful consideration for the demands of test and measurement equipment, prove ideal not only due to their specific design, exceptional durability, high impact resistance, extended temperature range, superior optical clarity, advanced multi-touch capabilities, chemical resistance, and proprietary touch technology, but also because they accommodate using a touch screen with gloves. Their responsive and reliable operation even in harsh industrial environments, combined with the ability to work seamlessly with latex gloves, makes them perfect for the meticulous demands of testing and measurement tasks. This feature ensures that users can maintain precision and usability, even while adhering to necessary hygiene and safety protocols, which is especially important in today's world.

UICO Touch Technology Excels In Challenging Environments

Here are some of the problems we solve with touch screens for test equipment:


Glove Usage: UICO's technology allows users to operate touchscreens even while wearing latex gloves, making it convenient for users in sterile environments. 


Rugged Long-Life Durability: UICO's touchscreen solutions are designed for long-term use, providing the ruggedness required for heavy-duty applications like EV charging stations.


Waterproof and Chemical Resistance: Test and measurement equipment might encounter spills or exposure to various chemicals during usage. UICO's touchscreens are designed to withstand moisture and liquids. 


High Sensitivity: UICO touchscreens offer high sensitivity, making them responsive to the lightest touch. This is crucial when you need to make fine adjustments or work with intricate data, ensuring accuracy and reducing user frustration.


Robust Build Quality: UICO's robust build quality ensures resistance to impact and scratches. This durability is critical for equipment that may be used in fieldwork, manufacturing, or laboratory settings where conditions can be demanding.

PCAP Touchscreen Solutions Uico Offers:

Sizes Ranging from 1" to 86": Our standard solution sizes are versatile and suitable for various applications within your charging station.

Range of Products: Options include cover lens with a touch sensor. The cover lens touch sensor bonded to the LCD offers an integrated solution optimizing touch and display quality. For a fully built option, UICO provides full panel mount monitors with all components ready for installation.

Bonding and Coating Options: UICO offers bonding capabilities and a full range of coating options. Coating options include anti-glare, anti-reflective, anti-microbial, and more. 

Application Examples for Uico Capacitive Touch Screens

Control Menus: Various settings and options are accessible through on-screen menus, making it easy to customize measurement parameters, save configurations, and select different measurement modes.

Data Entry and Parameter Adjustment: Users can easily input test parameters, set measurement configurations, and make adjustments using the touchscreen interface, simplifying the setup process.

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