Touch makes the UI less complicated, but PCAP struggles in tough use cases where high temperatures, caustic cleansers, grease and grime, and liquids are present.  Appliances are expected to last 7 - 10 years and touch screen solutions must withstand tremendous abuse over time.


















The User

Temperature extremes

Caustic cleansers




"They provide an inch-thick manual to help me navigate all those buttons. I didn't expect this oven to be so complicated. " 


"I want everything in my home to be beautiful.  Even when you peek in the laundry room!"

The Solution
  • duraTOUCH® withstands heat and humidity from -40 to +85 C.  


  • 4MM thick, scratch-resistant glass makes it easy to clean, prevents hazing, and resists damage from spills and cleansers.    


  • Custom shape, size and cover lens are designed to the sleek aesthetics of the oven.  

Commercial Food and Beverage:  
The Problem

Switching to PCAP on a beverage machine that generates millions of drinks and dollars annually.


McDonald's McCafe machine cranks out hundreds of smoothies on a daily basis.   Field service was a costly and recurring issue. The interface was complicated with more than 20 buttons.


PCAP could provide the easy-to-read, intuitive interface that would reduce training time and increase efficiency, but how could it handle the environment?




The User

The workforce of the famous fast food chain cranking out hundreds of drinks a day.

The Solution
  • duraTOUCH® works with water, liquids, and smoothie residue on the screen.


  • Thick, durable glass and substrates stand up to heavy abuse and provide long life.


duraTOUCH® has been in McCafe machines since 2009!



Kitchen & Bath:  The Problem

People want to use smart devices everywhere.  That means, in the shower.   Adjusting the water temperature and pressure on your phone would be great if it could work with water and withstand the heat and steam.   duraTOUCH® works with the shower standard, 2.5 gallons per minute.  





Our customer, known for some of the world's most innovative kitchens and bathrooms, wanted to bring the smartphone experience to their newest shower innovation.    

Pouring water, steam, humidity

Long life and durability



The Solution


  • duraTOUCH® works with 2.5 gallons of water per minute


  • Thick, durable glass to meet safety requirements


  • Custom shape, size and cover lens to meet the innovative aesthetics.


duraTOUCH® in the shower debuted at CES 2014.


The User

This is duraTOUCH® working under pouring water at 2.5 gallons per minute. 

Home Security: The Problem

A home security company was making costly service calls to deal with a catastrophic lock-up of their PCAP touchscreens.  


Household cleaners were causing major problems with false actuation, even those as benign as window cleaning solution.    



The Solution

duraTOUCH® simply works with cleansers and liquids!