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pcap touch for kiosk

Resistive Touch vs PCAP Touch Analysis

Touch Sensor

Resistive Touch - Less sensitive to light touch, some pressure is required.
Single touch only.

PCAP - Senses proximity of a finger to touchscreen, promotes touch accuracy. Multiple touches are detectable. Gestures like swipes and pinches can be supported.

Long Term Durability

Resistive Touch - Poor. The flexible material will yellow with age and is prone to scratches. This will affect the readability of the display.

PCAP - Good. The outer surface of the touchscreen is scratch-resistant, offering protection to the display and retaining its image clarity. UICO touch experts select the proper coatings for the cover glass best suited for the application.

Light Transmission

Resistive Touch - Poor, new touchscreen cuts light transmission from the display by about 20%. As the touchscreen ages, it can yellow or become hazy, further limiting light transmission.

PCAP - Good, allows better light transmission, and provides sharper images with better contrast. Age does not affect light transmission.

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resistive vs pcap touch

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