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Waterproof Touch Screen – PCAP Solutions

UICO is a company that specializes in developing innovative PCAP (Projected Capacitive) touchscreen solutions for various industries. We are known for creating touchscreen technology that can work in extreme conditions, such as when wet or with gloves on. Our Waterproof touch screen technology has been used in industries like appliances, medical devices, industrial equipment, outdoor kiosks, marine, military, gaming, and more.

PCAP Touchscreens From 1” to 85”

We offer a full suite of PCAP touchscreens, including touchscreen sensors and cover lenses, touchscreen optically bonded to LCD’s, touchscreens perimeter bonded to LCDs and full touchscreen monitors that can either be VESA Mounted or Panel Mounted.  We offer touchscreens in the following sizes:

                                                                 1”                                                  18.5”

                                                                 3.5”                                               20.5”

                                                                 4.3”                                               21.5”

                                                                 5”                                                  23.8”

                                                                 5.7”                                               27”

                                                                 7”                                                  32”

                                                                 8”                                                  35.3”

                                                                 9”                                                  43”

                                                               10.1”                                              55” 

                                                               12.1”                                              65”

                                                               15”                                                 72”

                                                               15.6”                                              85”



Sunlight Readable Touchscreens for Outdoors

What sets UICO apart is its technology's resilience under extreme conditions. Whether rain or snow, the touchscreens remain responsive and reliable. The robust design allows them to operate flawlessly even under intense sunlight and exposure to UV rays, making them ideal for outdoor use and other sunlit environments. Our sunlight readable touch screens display a crystal-clear image even in bright direct sunlight because of their high brightness of 1,000 nits or more offered.

Extreme Operating Temperature Touch Panels

The operating temperature range of -40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C) further highlights UICO's commitment to quality, ensuring that the touchscreens perform consistently across various climates.

Touch Screens Used with Gloves

UICO's touch solutions break new ground in usability, accommodating a diverse range of user interactions. The technology seamlessly recognizes touch inputs through latex gloves, eliminating barriers in sterile environments. Additionally, heavy work gloves, up to 5mm thick, pose no hindrance to the touchscreens' responsiveness. This innovation is especially valuable in industries where gloves are a necessity, such as healthcare, manufacturing, and military applications.

Panel Mount Touchscreens From 1 to 86”

Additionally, the inclusion of full touchscreen monitors, mountable using VESA or Panel Mounting techniques, underscores UICO's focus on versatility and adaptability. The tapestry of UICO's offerings is woven with an array of sizes that cater to an expansive spectrum of applications. From the compact 1" to the grand 86", UICO's touchscreens transcend size limitations. Such diversity in size enables clients to explore innovative applications across their respective industries, ushering in a new era of possibilities.

Rugged Industrial Touchscreens  

UICO's impact is far-reaching and diverse, with its technological marvels revolutionizing industries spanning from everyday appliances to complex military applications. This transformative touch technology finds its place in various sectors.

In the world of industrial controls, UICO's touch technology streamlines complex processes, facilitating efficient control and monitoring in manufacturing and industrial environments. This includes wash down environments and the food and beverage industry or car washes where splashing needs to be a consideration.

Interactive Rugged Outdoor Touch Displays

As UICO continues to propel industries into the future, its innovation-driven spirit remains unwavering. Armed with an arsenal of revolutionary PCAP touchscreen solutions, the company stands at the forefront of transformation, leading the charge in shaping interactive technology's trajectory. UICO's legacy is a testament to its dedication to pushing boundaries and equipping industries with the tools to harness the full potential of touchscreen technology.

Touchscreens for Appliances & Gaming

In the realm of appliances, UICO's touch solutions usher in a new era of user-friendly interfaces, elevating the convenience and functionality of everyday devices. The gaming industry benefits from UICO's innovative touchscreens that enhance player engagement, delivering immersive and responsive experiences that captivate players and drive the industry forward.


Gas Pump Touchscreens & EV Charging Stations Touch Panels

At gas pumps and electric vehicle charging stations, UICO's touchscreens simplify transactions and interactions, providing users with effortless and intuitive interfaces for smoother operations.  Interactive outdoor displays are our specialty.

Kiosk Touchscreens & Outdoor Signage

UICO's touchscreens redefine interactive kiosk experiences, both indoors and outdoors. They enable businesses to engage customers with dynamic interfaces and informative displays, enhancing user engagement and information dissemination. Our outdoor waterproof touch screen displays are used in kiosks, wayfinding, informational displays, and outdoor signage.

Marine Touch Screen Panels

In marine applications, UICO's rugged touch solutions withstand the challenges of marine environments, providing reliable and responsive interfaces for marine controls, navigation systems, sound and entertainment, and fish finder/chart plotting devices.

Medical Touch Displays

UICO's touch technology is seamlessly integrated into medical devices, improving user interfaces for healthcare professionals and patients alike, thus enhancing patient care and medical workflows. From medical carts to surgical suites, our water resistant pcap touch screens benefit the healthcare industry. We offer high bright displays for medical use in high ambient light setting, such as Operating rooms. The zero-bezel design makes cleaning and disinfecting much easier.

Projected Capacitive Touch for Military / Oil & Gas Applications

UICO's touchscreens thrive in demanding oil and gas environments, providing dependable interfaces for monitoring and controlling critical processes in this vital industry. UICO's rugged touch solutions find their place in military applications, ensuring that soldiers have access to responsive and reliable interfaces even in the harshest conditions.

PCAP Touch Display for Auto Interiors

The automotive sector benefits from UICO's touch technology, enhancing vehicle interiors with intuitive controls that elevate the driving experience and passenger comfort. Our wide range of sizes, customizable options, and extreme operating temperatures are among the reasons to choose UICO.

Optically Bonded PCAP Touchscreens

UICO's commitment to innovation is not confined to a single facet; it extends across a comprehensive suite of PCAP touchscreen solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of each industry. From touchscreen sensors and cover lenses to advanced optically bonded configurations and perimeter bonded displays, UICO offers an extensive range of solutions that redefine the possibilities of touch interaction.

PCAP Touchscreen Solutions by UICO

UICO Corporation's legacy resonates across industries as a beacon of innovation, resilience, and adaptability. From appliances to gaming, from medical devices to military applications, UICO's touch solutions transcend limitations, redefining the boundaries of user interaction. This journey signifies the potency of innovation as a driving force, solidifying UICO's position as a guiding light for industries on the quest to unlock the true essence of touchscreen technology.


Michael W., Senior Product Design Engineer

UICO truly acted as an extension of our engineering team, from design to production we were paired with an engineering to help us launch and integrate their touchscreen into our product.

Sara M., Director of Procurement

Working with UICO has been a pleasure,  they are very responsive and go above and beyond to satisfy our needs while delivering a quality product.  UICO is our go to supplier for touchscreens.

Steve S., Director of Product Management and User Experience

The users of our products have said that our kiosks have the best touchscreens, very bright and works with thick gloves,  I always tell them it is because UICO’s touchscreens products are what makes our product so great.

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