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Ask the Touchscreen Experts: Our most frequently asked questions, answered

The touch experts at UICO often get asked a variety of questions regarding touch performance when in the process of working with customers to provide touchscreens for demanding environments. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Q: How are you able to achieve touch performance in wet conditions and when the user wears gloves?

A: The exceptional duraTouch product touch performance is achieved by a combination of five things:

  • the electrical design of the touch controller circuit

  • mechanical sensor design

  • selection of the best microcontroller for the analog front-end functionality

  • specialized touch algorithms, and

  • customized touch tuning.

Additionally, we will guide you in integrating the touch module into your system, to optimize the touch performance for your particular use case and environment as needed.

Q: How thick can the cover glass be and still detect touch?

A: The standard product line supports up to 4mm thick cover glass while still maintaining glove performance, and can support up to 10mm while wearing thin gloves or dry touch.

Q: Can your touchscreen work with a stylus?

A: Yes, our new DuraTouch –MT product line supports touch with a stylus.

Q: Does your touchscreen work underwater?

A: No, PCAP touch will not work underwater but we can ensure that if the touchscreen is submerged, false touches do not trigger.

Q: Does your touchscreen work with wet gloves?

A: Yes it does. By controlling the firmware we can adjust to a combination of water and gloves at the same time, tuned for your performance.

Q: What is the operational temperature range of your touchscreens?

A: The duraTouch line of touchscreens is rated for -40 - +85°C. The complete display-touch module

is often limited by the display’s operating temperature range which is typically narrower.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our touch experts here.

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