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Reliable Touch Screen in Rain : Why Does UICO Have the Best in class Water Performance?

Reliable Touch Screen in Rain

UICO’s duraTOUCH®, our patented projected capacitive touch technology, is designed to overcome the challenges of harsh environments. By optimizing key aspects of capacitive sensing, we overcome the typical limitations of PCAP touch screens -- particularly, those involving water and liquids, providing a reliable touch screen in Rain, washdowns, marine applications, or anywhere that liquids can splash.

Capacitive touchscreens are often inherently prone to false touches and lock-ups when water or other types of liquid are on the screen or the user's fingers. Our duraTOUCH® capacitive touch screens enable a seamless experience in the wettest of use cases - pouring rain, snow, or even at sea. This makes for a reliable touch screen experience free from annoying false touches and catastrophic lockups.

When water immunity is required, UICO focuses on a vertical bezel shape surrounding the screen, adjusts its mounting angle or tilt, and implements a hydrophobic coating that ensures water beads up and sheds easily from the screen’s cover lens. These additional steps secure a water immune touch screen and provide consistently superior performance.

Our water-immune capacitive touch has been proven in the field for over ten years. It’s usable where others fail:

· Shower (2.5 gallons per minute), rain, snow

· Saline, fluids, and gel

· Grease

· Sweat

Shower, pool, ocean, or pouring rain, duraTOUCH® touchscreens deliver the ultimate water immunity.

To request a virtual demo, please reach out to our sales team at

Reliable TouchScreen in Rain


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