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UICO Standard Capacitive Touch Screen Solutions

touchscreen solutions

The UICO rugged capacitive touch screen product lines are designed to meet the challenges of harsh environments. Our touchscreens are sunlight readable, extremely durable, and have an operating temperature range of -24°C to 85°C. By optimizing key aspects of capacitive sensing, we provide reliable touch performance without the typical limitations of PCAP touchscreens. With our duraTOUCH technology, you can say goodbye to false touches or no touch because of water and liquids, thick gloves, extreme temperatures, and thick cover lens materials.

The world's best brands use duraTOUCH® touchscreens in a multitude of applications including medical, industrial, POS, agriculture, specialty-automotive, safety and security, handhelds, appliances, and more.

UICO offers a range of ready-made duraTOUCH® touchscreen solutions including our most popular 4.3”, 7”, 8”, 10.1", 12.1", and 15.6" touchscreens listed below. Complete solutions are available to meet your needs including touchscreen, cover lens, LCD, and optical bonding services.

For a data sheet with further information on our standard touchscreen solutions, click below.

UICO Standard Products
Download PDF • 584KB


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