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Is a yellow touchscreen "aging" your product?

yellow touchscreen

Here’s how UICO keeps your product looking fresh and working great for years. UICO touchscreens use UV-stable optical bonding adhesives for undetectable yellowing or color shift over years of outdoor usage. A Yellow touchscreen can really age your product. Our specialty cover lens options provide long-lasting protection from normal touchscreen aging issues.

Besides offering unparalleled performance in wet conditions, bright sunlight readability, and reliable usage with gloves, UICO touchscreens make your outdoor product look better. And with improved clarity, scratch resistance, and increased durability, UICO touchscreens provide an ageless look with consistent performance.

Click here for our technical report showing how UICO touchscreens maintain their true color even after over 1000 hours of UV exposure to stringent automotive test standards.

To request a virtual demo, please reach out to our sales team at

uico touchscreens can prevent yellow aging


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