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We wanted to share a video of impact testing on a kiosk durable touch screen that UICO performed for an outdoor kiosk customer. For the test we provided a 3-millimeter chemically-strengthened cover lens that was fully optically bonded to a touchscreen and LCD assembly in a metal enclosure. The touchscreen assembly was attached to the customer's metal kiosk via PEM studs through the customer’s front metal bezel and a foam gasket was sandwiched between the cover lens and kiosk front for water and dust ingress protection. For the test, we used an aluminum plate to simulate the customer’s front metal bezel.

As the video shows, the UICO 7" touchscreen unit survived a 7.3 Joule impact of a 2" diameter, 535g steel ball that was dropped from a height of 1.4 meters.

(We actually drop tested progressively in 10 cm height increments and tested at the 1.4 meter height twice for the video, but ran out of test pipe length at 1.4 meters!)

We outperformed both a resistive touch unit that we replaced for the customer and an additional competitor's 7" unit. Not to mention, the UICO mechanical team had some fun breaking stuff!


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