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Anti UV & Scratch Resistant Touchscreens Thrive in Harsh Conditions.

Durability & Reliability

Scratch Resistant Touchscreens

Let the Touch Experts Solve your harshest touchscreen concerns. The outer surface of our touchscreens are scratch-resistant, offering protection to the display and retaining its image clarity. UICO touch experts select the proper coatings for the cover glass best suited for the application. We select a cover lens designed for optimal readability and performance in tough conditions. Glass thickness is tailored to each application for the best combination of durability and weight. We offer fully tempered “safety” glass up to 4mm thick for cases where sharp breaks would be dangerous or a thinner Gorilla Glass® where lightweight portability matters most. By optimizing key aspects of capacitive sensing, duraTOUCH® overcomes the limitations of PCAP touchscreens to provide reliable response through water and liquids, thick gloves, extreme temperatures, and thick cover lens materials. We offer scratch resistant touch screens in a wide range of sizes up to 86",

Anti - UV

Anti UV Touch Screens

Our PCAP touchscreens allow for excellent light transmission and sharper images with better contrast. The touch experts at UICO provide touch and LCD recommendations specific to the application. For outdoor usage, we often use a full optical bond to reduce light transmission losses. The Optically Clear Adhesives (OCAs) we use minimizes losses for improved readability, even in bright sunlight. UICO's UV-stable optical adhesives provide an extra layer of protection for the display. This blocks harmful sunlight UV rays degrading the display over time.

Anti - Noise

Anti-Noise Touch Display

We support and custom-adjust our products to help with many of the RF (Radio Frequency) emissions or immunity-related problems. For example, on gas pump applications, our the touch experts were challenged to design a PCAP touchscreen capable of functioning within a system of surrounding POS devices. The close proximity of these devices, particularly the NFC card reader and an alarm buzzer, created a “noisy” system environment of electromagnetic interference, which normally precludes the use of typical PCAP touchscreens. UICO’s touch experts provided custom firmware specific to the customer’s needs.

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