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Ask the Touch Experts: System Integration Touch Screen Technical Support

System Integration Technical Support

One of the key differentiators between UICO and other PCAP manufacturers is our continuous system integration touch screen technical support from first contact to production release; each of our customers is assigned a designated engineer to support the integration of our duraTouch touchscreen products into your system. We recently had our touch experts compile a list of the most common questions about touchscreen integration:

Touchscreen System Integration Technical Support

Q: What communication interface(s) do your touch controllers support?

A: I2C and USB-HID.

Q: Do your touchscreens support in-field updates?

A: Yes, if the touchscreen requires a firmware update or a tuning update, the firmware can be updated via the I2C or USB interface.

Q: Can your touchscreen work with a metal bezel?

A: Yes, if you have aggressive water requirements, we will work with you to formulate solutions in the touch module and the entire system to minimize false activations often associated with the metal bezel.

Q: Can the touchscreen work in both portrait and landscape?

A: Only one corner of the screen can be selected as the origin, however, we can provide different firmware to change the origin for other orientations. The LCD may also require different polarizers or drivers to accommodate a rotation.

Q: Can we apply our own screen protector on your cover glass?

A: Yes, but keep in mind the following: adding layers to the touch module will make glove touch more difficult to activate. Additionally, our cover glass surface is designed to help with water performance. Please let us know if you would like to apply your own screen protector and we can adjust the touch performance tuning, and cover glass coatings, to account for it.

Q: If the system contains a Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi antenna, will this hamper the touchscreen performance?

A: Typically, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi operate at much higher frequencies compared to the touchscreen. Other types of signals can cause issues such as NFC, which we have integrated in the past; please be sure to inform us of any wireless signals in your system and we can assess the risks to the touchscreen function.

Click the button below for a copy of our integration guide.

To request a virtual demo, please reach out to our sales team at


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