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ANNOUNCING duraTouchMT for large touchscreens by UICO

large touchscreens by UICO

We are excited to announce the extension of the duraTouch product line to our larger sizes. UICO’s duraTouchMT 15.6” TO 24” touchscreens carry the same abilities for flawless performance when in harsh environments and will also include multitouch and stylus capabilities.

Regardless of the conditions, duraTouchMT is designed for robust and reliable operation in challenging environments for large touchscreens by UICO.. It supports single-finger, multi-finger, and gloved-finger operation for larger screens used in a variety of markets.

Advantages of duraTouchMT

Liquid Tolerance

· No false touch in the presence of water.

· Reliable finger tracking through liquids.

Glove Support

· Multi-gloved finger tracking.

· Glove thickness up to 5 mm.

Improved EMI for sensitive applications such as those in the defense and automotive markets.

Operates in extreme temperatures

· -40°c to +85°c.

· Ideal for outdoor applications.

UICO continues to offer standardized AND custom solutions encompassing LCD, Cover Lens, and Optical bonding services.

larege touchscreens by UICO

To see video examples of our touch performance, please click here

To request a virtual demo, please reach out to our sales team at


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