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All Weather PCAP Touch screen

all weather pcap touchscreen

UICO is the maker of an all weather PCAP Touch screen. Our touch works in harsh environments with both water and gloves, and unlike our competitors, our touch is configured to meet our customers’ requirements:

✓ Extreme Durability with thick glass and durable substrates

✓ Extreme Thick Gloves including Motorcycle and Fireman-Grade Gloves (up to 5mm thick)

✓ Extreme Water Immunity – Rain, Snow, Ice

✓ Best Performance with Liquids - Saltwater, Saline, Grease, Oil, Caustic Cleaners, and Other Liquids

✓ EMI Immunity

✓ Extreme Temperatures (-400 C to +850 C) & Humidity

✓ Highest robustness across both hardware solution and manufacturing processes for long product life (5-10 years)

For questions or inquiries, please reach out to our sales team at

UICO pcap touchscreens

650 West Grand Avenue

Elmhurst, Illinois

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