In these tough times and foul weather, we at UICO are wishing you well.

UICO is the maker of an all-weather PCAP Touchscreen. Our touch works in harsh environments with both water and gloves, and unlike our competitors, our touch is configured to meet our customers’ requirements:

✓ Extreme Durability with thick glass and durable substrates

✓ Extreme Thick Gloves including Motorcycle and Fireman-Grade Gloves (up to 5mm thick)

✓ Extreme Water Immunity – Rain, Snow, Ice

✓ Best Performance with Liquids - Saltwater, Saline, Grease, Oil, Caustic Cleaners, and Other Liquids

✓ EMI Immunity

✓ Extreme Temperatures (-400 C to +850 C) & Humidity

✓ Highest robustness across both hardware solution and manufacturing processes for long product life (5-10 years)

For questions or inquiries, please reach out to our sales team at

650 West Grand Avenue

Elmhurst, Illinois

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