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Touchscreens for Outdoor Kiosks and Pay Terminals

At UICO, we specialize in creating durable touchscreens that excel in tough conditions. Our screens are built to withstand extreme weather and are even resistant to liquids, making them ideal for outdoor use in rainy conditions. We also offer UV ink printing, various coating options, and IR film offerings to enhance the experience for touchscreens for outdoor kiosks and pay terminals. We understand the demands of both indoor and outdoor environments for your pay stations and kiosks. Whether it's scorching heat or a rainy evening, UICO's touchscreens always perform flawlessly.

Touchscreens for Outdoor Kiosks

Key Features Liquid Immunity and No False Touches: Our touchscreens are designed to endure challenging conditions, with a robust build that can handle extreme weather. They are liquid-immune, guaranteeing reliable operation even in wet environments, which is crucial for outdoor applications exposed to rain. Our unique algorithms prevent false touches, providing an accurate user experience. Glove-Friendly Interface: UICO touchscreens maintain high responsiveness, even when users are wearing gloves. This feature enhances efficiency and is valuable for applications where hand protection is necessary. Durability: UICO touchscreens are incredibly durable. The scratch-resistant glass can withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring a longer lifespan. The rugged construction makes them ideal for public installations where security and durability are essential. UV Ink Printing: We offer UV ink printing options, allowing for vibrant and long-lasting graphics on your touchscreens. This feature enhances branding and visibility in various applications. Coating Options: Choose from a range of coating options to suit your specific needs, whether it's anti-glare, anti-fingerprint, anti-reflective, and anti-microbial coatings. These coatings enhance the performance and longevity of our touchscreens. IR Film Offerings: Our IR film offerings provide additional functionality, such as multi-touch support and enhanced interactivity, making our touchscreens suitable for a wide range of applications. Extended Temperature Range: Our touchscreens perform consistently across a wide temperature range, from -40°C to 85°C, ensuring uninterrupted operation in various challenging conditions.

Touch screens for Outdoor Kiosks


Our rugged PCAP touchscreens transcend conventional displays, amplifying user experiences in a multitude of applications.

Outdoor Kiosks: Our displays are custom-made for outdoor kiosks, providing a reliable interface for users in diverse weather conditions. They work well in rain, direct sunlight, and temperature variations. Their glove-friendly design allows users to navigate the kiosk effortlessly, even while wearing gloves.

Payment Kiosks and Terminals: UICO touchscreens are perfect for indoor and outdoor payment kiosks and terminals. They offer unmatched durability and versatility, excelling in harsh environments. They maintain responsiveness in wet or gloved-hand conditions, providing a superior user experience.

Self-Service Check-in Kiosks: In busy environments like airports and hotels, UICO's touchscreens are engineered for ruggedness, ensuring uninterrupted operation. They work seamlessly, even when users are wearing gloves, providing a smooth check-in experience.

Outdoor Vending Kiosks: Our designs withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring dependable operation in rain, sunlight, and temperature variations. They are highly resistant to scratches and damage, guaranteeing longevity in outdoor settings.

ATMS (Automated Teller Machines): UICO touchscreen technology ensures uninterrupted operation in extreme weather conditions, from snow to sunlight. They resist damage and scratches, providing a dependable, long-lasting solution for high-traffic locations.

Our PCAP Touch Screen solutions offer durability, water resistance, and exceptional touch performance, enhancing user experiences across various applications.


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