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Embrace Durability: A Large Touch Screen Monitor for Every Challenge!

Our Large Rugged PCAP Large TouchScreens are crafted to thrive in challenging outdoor environments. With robust weatherproofing and UV-resistant screens, you can count on our touch screens to perform flawlessly year-round, rain or shine.

Designed to deliver superior durability, water immunity, and glove performance, our large sizes range from 43" to 86" are the perfect solution for a wide range of applications, including outdoor kiosks, digital signage, wayfinding, interactive displays, and more.

Durable Large Touchscreens

Key Features for Large Touchscreens by UICO Durable Large Touch Screen Monitor by Design:

Our rugged large touch screen monitor technology stands as a testament to resilience. Crafted to excel under extreme conditions, these displays exhibit unwavering performance in the face of shocks, vibrations, and accidental impacts. This remarkable durability ensures a seamless user experience even in the most challenging scenarios.

Waterproof and Immune Touch Displays:

One of the most remarkable features is our waterproof capabilities. Leveraging sealing technology, our displays are impervious to water ingress. This attribute allows the screens to function when exposed to moisture, making them an impeccable fit for applications where spills, rain, or high humidity are concerns.

Glove-Friendly Touchscreen Precision:

Leveraging the ultra-responsiveness of PCAP touch technology, our touchscreens effortlessly recognize touch inputs even when users are wearing gloves. This greatly enhances usability across a multitude of industries, from healthcare and manufacturing to outdoor kiosks and retail environments.

large touch screens, rugged big touchscreens

Elevating Key Applications Our line of Large Rugged PCAP Touch Screens transcend conventional displays, amplifying user experiences in several vital applications: Outdoor Kiosks: Our displays are tailor-made for outdoor kiosks, providing a reliable and engaging interface for users to interact with information, maps, and services in diverse weather conditions. Ideal for any outdoor spaces such as parks, campuses, and public areas. Digital Signage: The rugged design of these touch screens ensures uninterrupted performance, making them an excellent choice for high-impact digital signage applications, capturing attention even in bustling public spaces. Wayfinding Touchscreen Solutions: With their waterproof and glove-friendly nature, these displays are the perfect solution for wayfinding and navigation systems, enhancing user experiences in complex environments such as airports, malls, and large venues. Interactive Touch Displays: From entertainment venues to educational institutions, these touch screens offer an unparalleled interactive experience. Users can engage with content and applications without concern for environmental challenges. Our PCAP Touch Screen solutions embody durability, waterproof capabilities, and exceptional touch performance, creating an opportunity to enhance experiences across a multitude of applications. To learn more and explore how our technology, visit our website or contact our team of experts. We look forward to partnering with you on this exciting journey!


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