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How is UICO PCAP Touch Different?

PCAP Touch

At UICO we design and integrate our own PCAP sensors, as well as develop our own touch algorithms that achieve the highest performance for the most difficult environments. Our algorithms are customized and fine-tuned for each application based on their particular product requirements. We offer a better PCAP touch screen option.

Here are some examples of our algorithms:

1. Heavy water exposure (rain, snow, mist, salt water spray, etc).

  • Our water detection algorithms are capable of detecting and compensating for water presence. In the case of heavy rain outdoors or inside your shower bath, our products are maintenance-free and perform flawlessly.

2. Applications where thick gloves are used (outdoor in a cold climate, industrial, recreational, etc).

  • Our products are designed to be operated with a finger, stylus, or in the case where thick gloves are worn. An additional advantage of our algorithms is that the user doesn't need to go through complicated menus and make any adjustments since the selections/adjustments are made automatically.

3. Noisy electronics (LCD, Power Supply, RF sources nearby, etc.)

  • At UICO, we support and custom-adjust our products in order to solve any RF (Radio Frequency) emissions or immunity-related problems.

4. Water exposure in combination with conductive materials near the touch sensor (metal bezel, etc).

  • We developed special algorithms to prevent false touches and allow for normal application in this difficult application for PCAP technology. Similarly to handling noisy electronics (previous paragraph), these algorithms are invisible to the final user when implemented properly.

To see video examples of our touch performance, please click here.

For questions or inquiries, please reach out to Tersa Harper at

UICO PCAP Touch screens

650 West Grand Avenue

Elmhurst, Illinois

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