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Capacitive Touch Screen Design: A New Whitepaper

Designing Capacitive Touch Screen

John Mathew, Principal Embedded Firmware Engineer at UICO, collaborated on a recently published whitepaper titled, "Industrial capacitive touchscreen design made simpler."

The technical whitepaper discusses common challenges faced when designing capacitive touchscreens for industrial applications, and design choices that need to be carefully considered, such as cover lens thickness, industrial glove use, extreme temperatures, water tolerance, and mechanical and electrical considerations.

Co-written with Vibheesh Bharathan, Principal Engineer at Infineon Technologies, the paper dives into the proper consideration of factors in order to mitigate challenges such as interference, touch response loss, ghost touches, and screen delamination when designing capacitive touchscreens.

To read the whitepaper, click below, and congratulations on publication to John and Vibheesh!

Download PDF • 6.78MB


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