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COVID-19 Touchscreen Tips

touchscreen tips

COVID-19 is presenting new and unique challenges for employees all over the world. Transitioning from professional environments to working remotely from home is a sudden change we are experiencing together. Trying to manage meetings, content creation, and emails, while having to limit social contact and stay confined in your home is challenging! We've included some touchscreen tips for navigating this challenging time.

What we’ve come to rely on during this pandemic, more than ever before, is technology. It’s what allows us to see the face of a friend that’s one or 100 miles away, or attend a favorite professor’s class in a different state. Technology is what’s keeping us connected, and it’s important it stays secure and working correctly to keep our world functioning.

During this turbulent period, UICO is proud to continue to provide a touch technology that not only works with personal protective equipment (PPE) like medical grade gloves, but also utilizes an antimicrobial glass that has a 99% sanitation rate.


UICO’s patented duraTOUCH technology works with heavy gloves & in harsh environments, to make sure touch screens are performing at their best. In a viral environment, when gloves and other PPE are necessary, a touchscreen must be durable enough to respond when covered in any fluids, completely enclosed in plastic or when touched with medical grade gloves. Our duraTOUCH technology has that durability, and allows for high-performance usage in all environments.

Antimicrobial Glass

Additionally, the use of antimicrobial glass helps prevent the spread of germs while using UICO technology. With a 99% sanitation rate, meaning 99% of bacteria is destroyed within 24 hours in comparison to standard glass solutions, it decreases the risk of contracting or spreading germs.

What differentiates our antimicrobial glass and allows for the destruction of bacteria is the inclusion of silver ions baked into the glass. The silver ions break the bacterial cell wall, and destroy the bacteria before it spreads. Unlike coatings that wear away, the efficacy of this solution lasts over time and is validated by SGS labs.

Even with the use of UICO technology that allows for glove usage and destroys bacteria, it’s still important to clean the glass screen with proper materials to ensure wellness & safety.

Cleaning your Touch Screen

Consistently cleaning your touch screen limits the spread of germs and has a secondary benefit of improving visuals by wiping away dirt, fingerprints, and other foreign material.

The best way to clean a touchscreen is with a microfiber cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol that disinfects while cleaning the screen. We don’t recommend the use of paper towels, as harsh material will scratch the glass, or leave streaks behind.

We here at UICO are hoping you’re staying safe & healthy during this pandemic, and will continue to provide you with the technology to ensure a safe and secure future.

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