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How a Capacitive Touch Screen Works:
A Technical Whitepaper

Industrial Capacitive Touchscreen Design Made Simpler, 2023

Vibheesh Bharathan & John Mathew

Introduction Capacitive touchscreen design must take into account several internal and external factors. Properly considering those factors is critical in order to mitigate challenges such as interference, touch response loss, ghost touches, screen delamination etc. If any one of these challenges is not addressed, it would degrade the user experience and negatively impact customer satisfaction. This paper discusses common challenges faced when designing capacitive touchscreens for industrial applications, and design choices that need to be carefully considered, such as cover lens thickness, industrial glove use, extreme temperatures, water tolerance, and mechanical and electrical considerations.


  • Introduction

  • Table of contents

  • Fundamentals of how a PCAP touchscreen works

  • An example PCAP touchscreen sensor design

  • Challenges:

The display

Cover lens thickness

Impact of gloves on touch performance

Impact of temperature

Water tolerance

Mechanical and electrical considerations

  • Conclusion

For the full article, please download here:

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