Wearable Technology

The Problem

User reviews are consistently showing that people are frustrated with poor touchscreen functionality.  They complain that touchscreens don't work with gloves, with sweaty fingers, when wet, and when dirty.*


When wearable devices don't work properly, or run out of battery, the user experience is broken. duraTOUCH® makes the user interface disappear and the experience seamless.    

The User

Weekend warriors, pro and amateur athletes, and trainers who want to work out hard indoors and outdoors....no matter what the weather. 

Super low-power








Temperature Extremes

Thin Profile

The Solution

For one of the world's best known brands: 

  • < 2" AMOLED round form factor

  • Super-low power consumption

  • Works with rain, sweat and gloves

  • Works in temperature extremes for outdoor use anywhere



*Argust Insights 2014