What is duraTOUCH®

duraTOUCH® is UICO's patented projected capacitive touch technology designed to overcome the challenges of harsh environments.  By optimizing key aspects of capacitive sensing, we overcome the vexing limitations of PCAP touchscreens - water and liquids, thick gloves, extreme temperatures, and thick cover lens materials.      


The world's best brands use duraTOUCH® touch screens in a multitude of applications including medical, industrial, POS, agriculture, specialty-automotive, safety and security, handhelds, appliances, and more. 

Highest water immunity


When it has to work in wet environments, you want duraTOUCH®


Capacitive touchscreens are inherently prone to false touches and lock-ups when water or other types of liquid are on the screen, or on the user's fingers.   


duraTOUCH® with our patented waterSENSE® technology takes water immunity next-level. duraTOUCH® capacitive touch screens enable a seamless experience in the wettest use case - pouring rain, snow, at sea and more. No false touches. No catastrophic lock-ups.


Proven in the field:

  • Shower (2.5 gallons per minute), rain, snow

  • Saline, fluids, and gel

  • Grease

  • Sweat

Highest performance with thick gloves


With UICO's patented gloveSENSE® technology you can use smart device with your gloves on, no special gloves needed. duraTOUCH® with gloveSENSE® works with up to 5mm thick gloves proven in the field with motorcycle gloves and fireman's gloves.


Keep hands warm and safe while pumping gas, using RTV and motorcycle infotainment systems, home security systems, and more. duraTOUCH® touch screens are ideal in industrial, commercial and institutional environments that require gloves for hand protection.   




High Impact Durability

For products that have a long life cycle, touch solutions must withstand the test of time. duraTOUCH® touch screens and touch surfaces work with thick glass/durable substrates, up to 5mm thick, and pass the UL 60950 ball drop test.