Bahar Wadia, CEO, holding a duraTOUCH® touch screen.
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UICO provides rugged touch solutions to the industrial, medical, marine, ATV and POS markets.  Our solutions power touch through gloves, water, mud, saline and other harsh environments to customers that demand touch work whatever the environmental factors. We have a range of touch options available for our customers to be able to configure the best solution for each customer's specific use case, as no two use cases are identical.  This has allowed us to service some of the largest Fortune 500 customers and provide premier touch for their premium products.


UICO was founded in 2007, with a vision of expanding the ubiquitous smartphone interface to markets with harsh environments.  To make it possible, we solved the biggest problems with capacitive touch - water, sweat, extreme temperatures, use with thick gloves, and thick glass durability. We are a team of  touch experts that work alongside your engineers that bring a touch screen solution that is optimized for your specific needs.  We have been doing this for a dozen years, solving difficult use cases, and providing touch screens to the most demanding of customers.


duraTOUCH is UICO’s patented projective capacitive touch technology designed to overcome the challenges of harsh environments. We provide complete standard or custom solutions to meet our customer’s specific requirements, including touchscreen, coverlens, LCD, and fully bonding services.  We offer touchscreens in a range of sizes from 1” up to 15.6” with larger sizes on our technology roadmap in the near future.

What makes UICO touchscreens different is in our algorithms, which are specifically developed to provide the highest performance with thick gloves and water, both are typically problems for other touch providers selling into the industrial space as often it is in a wet environment, or often times gloves are a requirement.


UICO has been providing projective capacitive touch for demanding markets in harsh environments for over a decade.  We currently have hundreds of thousands of our touchscreens being utilized in an array of markets and use cases including, autonomous vehicles, medical, outdoor point of sale and kiosk, gas pump, autonomous vehicles, robotics, agriculture, motorcycle/RTV/ATVs.