It senses user grip, taps, swipes and other gestures.  It's PCAP without the display!

duraTOUCH® Surface enables PCAP touch on dielectric surfaces.

duraTOUCH® Surface in a joystick.

It conforms to curved surfaces and complex geometries.

It's wrap-able, and bendable making it ideal for countless applications: wearable smart devices (including fabric), automobile surfaces, home appliances, hospital beds and surgical devices, and so much more!  Check out some use cases >>

It's ideal for an array of applications


It provides a seamless User Experience.


Gloves, water, sweat, rain, and extreme temperatures are no problem.  See our technology in action >>

duraTOUCH® Surface makes the interface disappear, and puts greater control in the hands of the user.  The potential applications are limitless.........    


Driver's can keep their eyes on the road while adjusting radio volume, or car temperature using touch gestures.

Off-highway vehicle operaters have greater control and less margin of error.  The joystick can detect proper grip and prevent unintended engagement.   

What would you do with duraTOUCH® Surface?Let us know! >> 

Runners, skiers, snowboarders, mountain bikers, and other athletes can touch on their jackets to do anything from controlling their tunes to declining a phone call.  No need to stop and pull the phone out in cold, or rainy weather!