UICO’s duraTOUCH® Technology Empowering HiCling’s Game-Changing Fitness Band

December 3, 2015

duraTOUCH® high-performance, super-low power touch sensing enables all-weather touch for new all-inclusive health, sport and fitness tracking band  (download PDF)


SUNNYVALE, CA, Dec. 2, 2015 - UICO LLC, a global leader in touch technology and creative sensing solutions, today announced that their patented duraTOUCH® technology is enabling all-weather use for Shanghai-based HiCling’s newest fitness band innovation, clingband.


The stylish clingband takes health and fitness monitoring to the next level and makes it possible for users to monitor their health and fitness 24/7. The feature-rich software provides comprehensive tracking of vitals, daily activity, sleep, sport activity, fitness activity, UV index, and ambient light.  UICO’s touch and skin sensor, wristSENSE®, and other sensors in the band triangulate data simultaneously for multi-dimensional health tracking.


HiCling partnered with UICO to solve some of the biggest consumer complaints with touch-enabled devices according to an Argus Insights 2015 report:  Poor touch functionality and power consumption.  UICO’s patented duraTOUCH® touch technology enables clingband’s touchscreen to work seamlessly with water, with sweaty fingers, with gloves, when the screen is dirty, and in extreme temperatures.  Clingband’s touchscreen will respond without any problem when you are sweaty from a workout, out in the rain, when wearing everyday, non-conductive gloves, on the beach and more.  And, while typical devices require daily charging, UICO’s super-low power solution contributes to nearly a week of use without charging.  


“The touch functionality on many of the current bands and smart watches is frustrating for consumers, and does not provide a seamless user experience,” says Binay Bajaj, UICO’s Vice President of Business Development and Marketing.  “HiCling implemented UICO’s duraTOUCH® technology for its superior experience under fitness activity conditions.  UICO provides a simple, pragmatic solution and a game-changing differentiator in the explosive wearables market.”


duraTOUCH® is UICO’s patented, industrial-grade, projected capacitive (PCAP) touch technology.  More than one million smart devices across a host of industrial, and consumer applications use duraTOUCH® - from test and measurement devices used on oil-rigs to bathroom shower controls to wearable devices.   Now, UICO has ported duraTOUCH® to deliver its new duraTOUCH® touch technology for IoT and wearable devices. In addition to its ability to work with gloves and water, duraTOUCH® enables significantly longer batter life, with ultra-low power consumption.  duraTOUCH® supports single and 2-point touch, gestures, and pinch and zoom making it ideal for small form factors like fitness bands, and smart watches.


“The touch performance of UICO’s technology is simply the best in the industry,” says HiCling CEO Richard Chen. “The water immunity on clingband is unparalleled, and will provide the highest user satisfaction compared to other solutions in the market. We are very excited to be partnering with such a world-class company as UICO.”



About UICO

UICO is a technology company located in Chicago and Silicon Valley. UICO has brought together leading global touch sensing experts that are finding innovative solutions to some of the biggest problems users complain about when using touch enabled devices in the rain, with gloves, with sweaty fingers, when dirty, and in extreme temperatures. UICO has close ties to the University of Chicago and the Booth School of Business, and is backed by renowned Midwest VCs Hyde Park Angels, Plymouth Ventures, and Beringea.



About HiCling

HiCling is a Shanghai-based, China corporation rooted in the following technologies: wireless health and medical device, body sensing technology, human activity detection and recognition, vital signal acquisition and tracking, mass-scale health data mining technology, high-yield + low-cost manufacturing, and mass-scale social networking.


HiCling was founded by people with successful track records in Silicon Valley, California in consumer and business-grade medical health, GPS, and multi-media solutions. Products and services comprising these solutions have touched millions of people worldwide.  The company’s flagship product, clingband, is available for order in an array of colors at www.clingband.com.



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