UICO and Amulet Technologies Announce Partnership to Provide Complete Touch + GUI Bundle.

March 7, 2012

Joint offering to provide the most PCap Touch solution available on the market today.

Elmhurst, IL and Campbell, CA (February 6, 2012) –UICO and Amulet announced today that they have executed a partnership to support a family of standard products utilizing UICO’s duraTOUCH® projected capacitive touchscreens along with Amulet’s embedded GUI solutions. This alliance makes it easy to rapidly design, modify and deploy high-end graphics on top of the world’s leading real-world touchscreens that operate with direct exposure to extreme temperatures and impact, have the ability to work in the rain, saltwater or fluids without false actuating and support use with wet or even gloved hands. These capabilities, available with single or multi-touch gesturing, are achieved through UICO’s remarkable gloveSENSE® and waterSENSE® technologies, now extended to include a full smartphone-like GUI architecture from Amulet.

“This joint offering eliminates a huge amount of workload and complexity for a durable goods OEM, who has to select the right GUI tools upfront, figure out how to embed them, develop on them, make ongoing modifications, and then successfully interface to a touchscreen, none of which are trivial tasks,” according to UICO’s CEO, Bahar Wadia. “Not only are we delivering touch feature sets that are not currently available in the marketplace, but we have now packaged these with a holistic offering from Amulet that removes these obstacles and delivers a complete Touch + GUI experience very rapidly and cost-effectively. This will be game changing for many of our customers!” 

“The smartphone user interface is fast defining the standard for user experiences in all product categories including home appliances and medical devices,” expressed Ken Klask, CTO of Amulet Technologies. “However, it is a challenge for durable goods manufacturers to create smartphone looks without sacrificing durability. The match of Amulet’s embedded GUI solutions with UICO’s duraTOUCH® technology will allow our durable goods customers to have the best of both worlds.” 

This alliance will extend UICO’s duraTOUCH® offering to include Amulet’s best-in-class embedded GUI innovations, while providing both companies with a fast-to-market solution for their OEM customers in North America, Europe, and Asia.


About AmuletAs a recognized leader in high-performance embedded graphical user interface solutions, Amulet enables product designers to easily achieve smartphone-like interfaces on new and existing microcontroller based products.  Amulet’s innovative GUI development tools reduce development time down to days or weeks, instead of months, or years.  This allows for the many design iterations that are required to create the most dynamic user experience possible.  Amulet’s Graphical OS™ includes a set of behaviors and functions that eliminate the need for expensive graphic libraries and tedious programming.  Amulet’s production solutions include fully-integrated modules, controller boards and chips which can be implemented in a wide range of applications, including medical, industrial, home appliance, etc.  Visit Amulet Technologies online at www.AmuletTechnologies.com.

About UICOUICO, LLC, headquartered in Elmhurst, IL is the maker of duraTOUCH®, the world’s leading family of industrial touchscreens. UICO’s innovative technology and solutions, such as waterSENSE® and gloveSENSE® enable equipment manufacturers to deliver proven, best-in-class touch features in extreme environments of use, allowing their products to outperform the competition. UICO’s North American design and support model enables our OEM customers to succeed across a variety of product categories.


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