Design Visionary Don Norman Joins UICO’s Board in Chicago

January 8, 2010

Chicago, IL Jan 7, 2010 – UICO is proud to announce the addition of Don Norman to UICO’s Board of Directors. Dr. Norman is widely recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts on design and brings a unique mix of the social sciences and engineering to bear on everyday products.

As a world-recognized Author, Lecturer, Northwestern University Professor and former Vice President at Apple Computer, Dr. Norman advises and consults for leading hi-tech and consumer electronics companies who want well-rounded, cohesive products that look good, work well, and give pride to the owner.

“One of the hardest but most important things a company can do”, says Norman, “is to deliver a great user experience. Today, people expect both usability and pleasure from products, even in industrial settings. UICO is uniquely positioned to deliver this capability into environments where durability and longevity have made it difficult if not impossible to innovate in the past. We can now make durable goods just as easy and pleasurable to use as modern touch-operated cellphones. This helps companies succeed where it matters, in the eyes of the customer, reducing training costs, reducing errors, and increasing reliability.”

Dr. Norman has published extensively in journals and books, and is the author or co-author of eighteen books, with translations into eighteen languages, including “The Design of Everyday Things,” and “Things That Make Us Smart.” Business Week called his book “The Invisible Computer” “the bible of the ‘post PC' thinking.” His book, “Emotional Design: Why we love (or hate) everyday things,” is available in 9 languages and marks the transition from usability to aesthetics.

According to UICO co-founder and award-winning Industrial Designer Bill Lee, “Don Norman is someone who has been in the forefront of design for many decades. As a recognized academic, author and businessman, his accomplishments in the trade are truly unparalleled. Norman’s desire to join the UICO team is an acknowledgment of our unique value proposition and the strongest endorsement we could possibly imagine.”

About Don Norman:Don Norman is a Professor at Northwestern University where he co-directs an MBA-Engineering program in Design and Operations, cofounder of the Nielsen Norman Group, and former Vice President of the Advanced Technology Group at Apple Computer. He is a visiting distinguished professor of design at KAIST, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. Norman’s goal is to make all technology easy to use and enjoyable, reducing error, training, and frustration, increasing satisfaction and enjoyment. He serves as advisor to numerous companies.

About UICOUICO, LLC, headquartered in Elmhurst, IL is maker of duraTOUCH®, the world’s leading family of industrial touchscreens. UICO’s innovative technology and solutions, such as waterSENSE® and gloveSENSE®, enable equipment manufacturers to deliver proven, best-in-class touch features in extreme environments of use, allowing their products to outperform the competition. UICO’s North American design and support model enables our OEM customers to succeed across a variety of product categories.


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